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Half-intensive course

     Half-intensive Course (15h)

  • 3h per day from Monday to Friday
  • 15h per week (10h00-13h15)
  • Enrolment fee: 80,00 euros (for 1 year)f
  • 1h of French Classes = 60 min
  • Groups: 5-8 persons
  • Place : in Barsac or in Bordeaux
1 week: 15h 13,60 euro/h 204,00 euro
2 weeks: 30h 12,40 euro/h 372,00 euro
3 weeks: 45h 12,40 euro/h 558,00 euro
1 month: 60h 12,40 euro/h 744,00 euro
4 months: 240h 12,10 euro/h 2904,00 euro
  Prices: 05/10/2017
  lAims of the course:
  • to learn expressions of everyday life
  • strengthen of listening comprehension (dialogs, movie scenes, series) and reading comprehension (textual analyse, extract of novels)
  • improvement of speaking (role play, discussions, presentations) and writing (letter, articles, write texts)
  • use of French in discussions with native speakers
    Levels   Dates of beginig (permanent enrolment)
    A1   12/02/2018, 05/03, 09/04, 14/05, 11/06, 02/07, 30/07, 20/08
    A2    contact us (test, course dates)
    B1    contact us (test, course dates)
    B2    contact us (test, course dates) (DELF B2 training)

(Français) Le CPF

(Français) Découvrez l'offre de formation DIF/CPF

Retrouvez ici les formations qui correspondent au Droit individuel à la formation et le CPF.

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