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Evening Course

Standard Course (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

  • 1h30 per day or more
  • 3h per week or more
  • 9h30-11h00, 12h30-14h00, 18h30-20h00
  • Enrolment Fee: 80,00 euros

    Next classes : 18/11/2015 (beginners)

1 month: 6h 15,90 euros /h 95,40 euros
1 month: 12h 15,90 euros /h 190,80 euros
l Prices: 05/01/2015
/ Groups: 3-6 persons
Classes taught by native speakers from Poland. Groups consist of 4 to 8 students with an equal level of language skills. (Contact us  to find out what language level you have.)

(Français) Le CPF

(Français) Découvrez l'offre de formation DIF/CPF

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Language courses and Trainings

Language Classes (Bordeaux / Sud-Gironde)


24 avenue Aristide Briand
33720 BARSAC