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Korepetycje jezykowe

FFBordeaux offers private coaching for foreign languages for children during the whole year. Either to motivate your children or to make them progress in learning a foreign language.

New methods and techniques, young dynamic native speakers and the main emphasis on the practical use (conversation) enhance to speak a new language and to discover their culture.


Language Coaching for Juniors (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish)

  • 1h30-2h per day, once or twice per week
  • Evening course and/ or Wednesday course 14h00-16h15, 16h00 – 18h00
  • Enrolment fee: 80,00 euros (valid 1 year)
  • Different levels
  • Intensive coaching (15h-20h/week) during the holidays!
1 month: 8h 13,90 euros/h 111,20 euros
1 month: 12h 13,80 euros/h 165,60 euros
3 months: 24h 13,75 euros/h 330,00 euros
3 months: 36h 13,65 euros/h 491,40 euros
  Prices 01/01/2016

Groups: 4-6 persons (11-13 years)

Groups: 4-6 persons (14-16 years)

  AIMS of the course:
  • Re-explanation or revision of language skills within a small group outside the school
  • Main emphasis on speaking
  • Sensitize children for different cultures
  • Self-confidence in the language
  Contact us today to book a place! Only limited places.

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